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Mark Opdahl is something of a relic and a Co-Founder of Chop Liver Craft Beer Festivals. With 10 years of festival organization experience and over a dozen years in the craft beer industry from retail to educational consulting and training. With events all over Minnesota including the long running St Paul Summer Beer Fest and specialty event Northern Lights Rare Beer Fest working to grow the craft beer community by celebrating beer through awareness and education. Additionally, he is very passionate about philanthropy and working with amazing non-profit organizations like the St Paul YMCA, Pints for Prostates, PossAbilities of Southern MN, JY6 Foundation, and many others over the last decade to raise over $100,000 for these great causes and this remains one of the top priorities of the events as well.


Born and raised in Grand Forks, North Dakota,  he is naturally a die hard fan of his hometown University of North Dakota Hockey Program. Having played hockey since he was old enough to walk, it is something that will be often mentioned and discussed. When not watching or talking hockey and if not traveling somewhere, you can find him at a golf course or a tennis court, taking in a baseball game or betting on the ponies, checking out some live music or at Happy Hour with the boys!


Currently a resident of Minnesota in the western metro area, family and friends are a very huge part of his life. A very proud uncle, and still extremely close to his parents, you will find them at every one of the Chop Liver events! He often cites that without that kind of relationship with them and their support and that same support from so many great friends, he would not have been able to do all of the amazing things he has had the opportunities to do. The first to tell you he is truly blessed, he will also remind people that the harder he works, the luckier he gets and he rarely turns down an opportunity to experience life and all it has to offer. Life goes pretty quick, so make sure you get to enjoy it a little bit FERDA!

Tim Daglow is a bit of an everything guy. 8 years on active duty with the US Air Force after high school. He spent his military career as a Crew Chief on C-130’s,C-17’s, and a deployment manager. He then turned to civilian life with intentions to become an aerospace engineer. He took part time job at The Cellars which lead to a career in brewing after completing the UC-Davis Brewing Program. Tim is currently continuing his education going after a biology degree

Tim was the full time co-host for Season 1. Due to his busy schedule with family, work, and school he was filled in for a few times and that worked well. To accommodate him better he will still be a co-host every few weeks when it is convenient for his schedule as well as keep the subjects fresh.

Matt from Eden Prairie grew up in Grand Forks, North Dakota and is a graduate of the University of North Dakota. Matt and Mark for much of high school had many adventures together and those stories come out throughout the different episodes as well as coached Pee Wee hockey at a very high level. 

Matt is best known on the podcast for his weekly call ins to the Manners Optional Answering Machine. In season 2 he is transitioning into a new role with a brand new segment called Matt's Minute, which will feature Matt recapping the previous episode. He will also start doing some co-hosting when Daglow or Weinhagen aren't around!

Bryan Weinhagen grew up in Saint Paul, MN and went to Minnesota State Mankato University. . Bryan is General Manager of Tav on the Ave in Mankato, MN where he also oversees the beverage progarm for all of the MIO restaurants. Bryan is a bit of a sports nut, an absolute die hard Vikings and Twins fan.

Ol' Weinhagen is best known on the podcast for his guest hosting on episodes 10, 13, 44, and 51 in Season 1. In season 2 he will continue to be doing some co-hosting when Daglow or Matt from Eden Prairie aren't around! Especially a few episodes live from Mankato!

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